Instructions On How To Play Sic Bo At Online Bookies

Sic Bo is a very popular game at bookmakers. Almost all online bookies have SicBo in their betting system. For veteran players, playing SicBo at bookies is no longer strange, but for new players, they probably don’t understand how to play Sic Bo. If you are also a player, please see the instructions on how to play and the rules of Sic Bo right below. 

How To Play Sip Digit At Online Bookies

How To Play Sip Digit At Online Bookies

To be able to play Sic Bo, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable dealer. A reputable bookmaker will have clear information, full operating certification, commitment to security and fast transactions, and a beautiful website interface without advertising. Once you have found a reputable place, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Register an Account

Normally, bookmakers will place the “REGISTER” order in the right corner or middle of the home page screen. You just need to click, a registration information panel will appear, it’s very simple, just fill in all the required information.

Step 2: Deposit

To be able to play SicBo betting, you need to have money in your account. You select the “DEPOSIT” command on the interface. If it is not displayed on the web interface, select the player account category and access “DEPOSIT”. The deposit process is not complicated, you fill in all the information in the deposit form and choose the desired deposit method. 

Step 3: Select Go To Sic Bo

You go to the casino betting section of any bookmaker to choose SicBo. Choose the desired game room, then choose the bet that the house offers, and finally set the bet level that suits your ability.

Rules Of Playing SicBo

Rules Of Playing SicBo

The way to play Sic Bo is very simple, a Sic Bo game includes 3 dice, 1 set of Sic Bo shakers, 1 betting table with many bets on it. When entering the bookmaker’s game room, you choose the bet that you think will help you win. When the players have finished placing their bets, the dealer will start shaking 3 dice. If the results of the 3 dice match what you bet, you win the bet.

The payout ratio of each bet in the odds table is not the same, the lower the probability of the bet, the higher the payout ratio. Among the types of bets, the SicBo bet is the simplest, the player only needs to choose over or under, the winning rate is 50-50, so the payout ratio is also at 1-1.

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Bets In Double Scratch

Bets In Double Scratch

In playing Sic Bo, the most important thing is the bet. You must understand the content of each bet to place it most accurately. As follows:

SicBo Betting

This is the most basic and simplest bet. When betting, players just need to choose over or under. Over bet wins when the total score of 3 dice reaches 11 to 17 points, under wins when the dice score reaches 4 to 10. The payout ratio is 1-1, bet 100,000 and win 100,000.

1 Number Bet

The player chooses any number on the dice to bet. If the result matches the number you bet on, you win. The payout rate of this bet is not fixed, it depends on the frequency of the number you bet appears, the more it appears, the higher the reward rate. For example: you bet on number 2, if there is a dice with number 2, you will receive a reward of 1-1; If all 3 dice show the number 2, you win at a rate of 1-3, bet 100,000 and receive 300,000.

Two Match Bets

The player chooses a certain pair of numbers to bet on. If 2 of the 3 dice match the pair of numbers you bet on, you win. For example: you bet on a pair of numbers 3, if the result of rolling the dice is 2 dice with the number 3, you receive a prize. The payout ratio for this bet is 1-11.

Triple Bet 

Players can choose to bet on any set of 3 numbers or a specific set of 3 numbers to bet on. With any 3 sets of numbers, as long as all 3 dice result in a certain number, you win a prize of 1-30. With a specific set of 3, you need to choose a specific prediction number, for example, predict that all 3 dice are number 1, if the result matches what you bet, you will win a prize with a ratio of 1-180.

Total Bet

In the score frame from 4 to 17, you choose 1 number to predict the total score of 3 dice. Each different score range will have a different payout rate. The higher the predicted score, the bigger the reward. 

Above are instructions on the rules of the game and how to play Sic Bo at online bookmakers. 90jili hope that the article has brought truly useful information and is suitable for your search purposes. If you want more information about gambling in general and Sic Bo in particular, please visit.

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